Fireside Chat: Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation in The United States

How to run innovation in a corporate setup? What is the smoothest way to navigate uncertainty? Why are experimentation and internal venturing important for risk mitigation?

Andrea Marchiotto
10 min readAug 28, 2021


Corporate innovation — Think outside of the box
Corporate innovation requires outside-of-the-box thinking. Credit: Kaboompics .com, Pexels

Disclaimer: Please note this article is a collection of stories and personal recommendations. The content hereby written is related to my experience and the experience of the people I interview, and it does not reflect in any way the position of the company I currently work for.


The experiment: Business Knowledge Sharing Sessions

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With this article, I continue my series BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE SHARING SESSIONS. These are educational knowledge-sharing sessions that I organize within the corporate venture I lead at my company. I invite internal and external experts, business leaders, professionals, digital specialists, to share their knowledge and expertise with the team and a group of colleagues (more information about the experiment in my previous article…



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