Demystifying Digital Transformation

Should companies really care about it? Can big corps compete with start-ups, already digitally born?

Andrea Marchiotto
10 min readMay 9, 2019


A baby born butterfly. How cute… such a nice little creature to explain a concept that is often perceived as a monstrous gigantic obstacle. Are you ready to bring your business into the future?

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Dear reader,

Today we talk about digital transformation. We keep seeing and hearing these two words on lots of social media networks, blogs, magazines, newspapers, books, conferences, events, internal meetings, presentations. We keep hearing them over and over. The two words are so relevant that even new professional roles have been created. Among the most common: the Digital Transformation Director/Officer, which purpose is to bring the company (usually a mature business) into the digital era.

Source: Google Keywords — ‘Digital Transformation’ keyword trend (last five years, last update: May 8th 2019)

So now with this article, I will try to give an answer to the following questions:

  • Why should companies care about the digital transformation at all?
  • How can big corporations…



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