How to create a DTC subscription model based on a product everyone loves, and make a successful exit

Read the story of Pasta Evangelists directly from the words of its founder Alessandro Savelli; a company able to move from bootstrapped DTC start-up to Omnichannel scale-up, now part of the Barilla family

Andrea Marchiotto
13 min readAug 4, 2021


A screenshot of the official website of Pasta Evangelists.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is a collection of stories and personal recommendations. The content hereby written is related to my experience and the experience of the people I interview, and it does not reflect in any way the position of the company I currently work for.

(Intro) The experiment: Business Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Dear reader,

With this article, I kick off a brand new series on Medium: BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE SHARING SESSIONS.

Sharing knowledge = Sharing a meal
Sharing knowledge is like sharing a meal, nothing is left on the table for the benefit of everyone sitting at the table. Credit: Askar Abayev, Pexels

What is the value proposition? It’s simple. These are educational knowledge-sharing sessions that I organize within the corporate Venture I lead at my company. I invite internal and external experts, business leaders and digital specialists, to share their knowledge and expertise with my team and a vetted group of colleagues.

What’s the scope?

  • We talk about life stories that can inspire teams on different ways of working, new tools and lean start-up methodologies
  • We cover elements of business strategy on corporate entrepreneurship, direct-to-consumer, subscription models and business model innovation

What’s the format? Usually, we do virtual presentations via Teams or Zoom and sessions normally last one hour, including Q&A. The audience is limited to 20–25 members to preserve and nurture intimacy and openness.

Now, enough with all the explanation. Enjoy the reading!

Direct-to-Consumer and DTC Subscriptions



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