I would be careful in saying that a great product will sell itself. That is not often the case. Think about the superior quality of Betamax vs. VHS. Who won? There are many other examples. The thing is: you have to deliver a great product to the right customer, at the right time, in the right channel, communicating it in the right way. You also have to be on time: not too far away in the future, not stuck in past models. You need to find the way to market your products greatly today and have the infrastructure and flexibility to keep on evolving your product and its marketing at the fastest pace, to stay ahead of the curve, or keep on riding the wave, to use surfers terminology. Marketing excellence is of paramount importance and I believe if forms a tritticum alongside with a great product and an amazing design. Nevertheless, a personalized, authentic, caring and unique best-in-class customer experience that delivers from the moment of awareness till the moment of post-purchase and beyond, will increase your chances to attract new customers (you always want new ones), while keeping your loyal ones close to you for years.

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