The Strokes, their marketing and ‘el movimiento rockero de Madrid’

‘The New Abnormal’ is the album of the year and makes me cry tears of joy. So… what has Madrid anything to do with this?

Andrea Marchiotto
12 min readJun 2, 2020
What a nice picture for my heading banner. It reminds me somehow the cover of the new album of The Strokes, The New Abnormal. Do you want to know why I think it’s the album of the year and how The Strokes were able to leave their mark throughout all these years? Oke. Then, read on and enjoy. Credit: Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels.

Welcome, dear reader.

I am writing this article while listening to the music of the band The Strokes. I am excited and thrilled to get the chance to talk about something I like. With this, I hope I am able to give you some insights on how a cool band can transform into a cool brand, as well as convince you to listen to their latest creation (and, why not, discover more).

This article tries to answers questions like:

  • What is the ‘movimiento rockero de Madrid’ and what does it have to do with The Strokes?
  • Are The Strokes good at creating and implementing marketing strategies?
  • Which songs of the new album ‘The New Abnormal’ should I listen to?
The Strokes by Jason McDonald.

History and Story (mine)

[Framing the context]

When I think about The Strokes, I never think about New York City, where the band comes from. They remind me of vivid memories of my life in Madrid. I still remember the first time I “met” them. It was the Mid of October 2006, almost twenty years ago. At that time, I was learning Spanish in Madrid. I decided to live a few months in the capital to strengthen my language skills and come closer to the Spanish culture. In the city, a few strains of the “rockero” movement were still alive. In particular, you could perceive the vibes in the barrio of Malasaña, where I lived. I chose the neighborhood because a friend of mine introduced me to some friends from Argentina who were living there for quite some time. They knew the area pretty well and as soon as I met them, we connected. Once upon a time, Malasaña was a complicated place to live. Prostitution and drugs were everywhere, and many people suffered. A slow change began and then, after some years…



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